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FIBROID, the non-cancerous tumor

Although fibroids are not malignant tumors, they definitely have the ability to snuff out life. Here I am on the cusp of a new decade with no children, one ovary, one fallopian tube and a miniscule chance of bringing life into the world. Recognizing, in my late 20's the missed opportunities of getting pregnant, I never made the connection that I fell into the category of infertility, I just chucked it up to God's plan. You never realize how much you value 'choice' until it is raped from and you’re stuck with an absolute outcome. That's when the floods of 'what if's' came crashing in and I started to reflect, with my 20/20 hindsight, on all the situations that were clear signs; leading up to that moment- a fibroid diagnosis at 23 years old. It was a casual unveiling, because so many women are affected by this dis-ease. But knowing what I know as holistic practitioner, if I only recognized the level of seriousness that came with those subtle signs, then perhaps my current reality would have looked quite different.

Here are some of the subtle signs my body (which fights for our existence daily) communicated to me, that are clear indicators of systemic disruption:

1.     Hormonal (inflamed) acne

2.     Extremely painful cramping

3.     Heavy bleeding

4.     Bloating

5.     Sexual discomfort during intercourse

The following symptoms were pacified with a confidently delivered conversation from the doctor and a prescription to silence these 'red alert' alarms. Again, I say, "If I only knew", the detriment of leaving the 'solution' in the hands of a prescription, which gave me a false sense of resolve, I would highly probably still have the option to conceive children.

Although the prescription was helpful, due to the lack of education, it wasn't enough. The routine habits that led to the initial diagnoses, their enlargement, and infertility were thriving in my practices and deeply rooted in my life. The unfortunate part about it is, I had NO CLUE. However, what gives me solace and my experience reasoning, is the ability as a professional to help others along this path. Wherever you are in your fibroid journey meet me, virtually on June 5, at 5:30 pm/Est to get educated. It will be one of the most informational and helpful health visits you’ve ever received on this topic. Connect to a supportive community and learn what they don't teach you about fibroids. Get answers to questions like, what increases your rate of developing fibroids and the type of environment they thrive in. 

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