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Bynisha Myers has 15 years of experience in healthcare and over 10 years of experience in skincare.  She is a licensed esthetician, certified holistic nutritionist and skincare educator.  Her focus is in anti-aging and chronic skin conditions (i.e., inflammatory acne and eczema) that are brought on by gut and hormonal imbalances.  As a branded holistic skincare specialist she approaches the skin from the inside-out with nutrition and herbal intervention while providing skin cosmetic treatment. She is dedicated to modernizing skincare with the approach that addresses the health of the skin both proactively and reactively. 

With her passion being with acneic clients she also helps brides improve the look of their skin for their wedding day. She is committed to helping others overcome their concerns surrounding skin that also have a systemic impact on other aspects of the body.  Her professional career has always been in the field of health. She began her earlier professional years of experience in radiology before transitioning to the field of dermatology.   

Her awareness of skin care budded from her personal journey with acne as an adolescent. Her experience has brought great insight to her clients and the skincare industry. As she continues to study, she connects with other professionals to provide the integrative care she knows her clients need and now has her eyes set on making an impact in the educational arena. 



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