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To elevate the services of licensed estheticians with continual advance education (CEs) and training. Provide our students with the information and tools to improve their skills and abilities in the treatment room. Introducting practical knowledge required to allow the professional to strengthen the internal aspect of the skin, while treating the skin cosmetically.  



A reputable online source of continual advancement for esthetic professionals. For all estheticians to learn and receive the tools necessary to be more impactful in the treatment room as well as to elevate their level of skill and expertise in the skincare industry- to have more of a competitive advantage.


Showing licensed estheticians how to approach the skin holistically to increase the number of beneficial outcomes and achieve effective, longer-lasting results for clientele.  Helping you secure your position as a trusted skincare provider. Providing advanced education to help you become more experienced and thrive in any setting. 

Hear from our Head of Education
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