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I had an exceptional experience with Bynisha. She was so sweet and fun to talk to. She was very knowledgeable and took time to answer each and everyone of my questions in depth. She made sure I was comfortable and everything was very clean. I got many compliments on my skin! I would HIGHLY recommend booking with her.

  -  L. Kabert

This was my first facial and I am so glad it was here! She was very knowledgeable and gentle with my sensitive skin. I was honestly nervous because my skin is so sensitive, but she was great! Would absolutely recommend and I will be back!


  -  D. Lamb

My commitment to self care led me to Bynisha and I am glad it did. I was very appreciative of her professionalism and knowledge about skin care. She is very thorough in her assessment of your overall health and not just with skin care. My facial was AMAZING and she really helped bring my skin back to life! I plan on being a client for many years to come.

  -  S. Osioh

Excellent service from Bynisha.  Bynisha was very knowledgeable and informative about the products, my skin, things that would better help me concerning my eating habits nutrition vitamins probiotics and so much more. Everything was excellent and I have made recommendations to others about my services. Thank You!

  -  I.Johnson

Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Bynisha as it seems she is "spot-on" in her assessment of my skin disorder...  I put it on m the affected area immediately and some other areas on my legs that seemed to be breaking out and miraculously it worked!  Even as I was rubbing it on my skin color started to come back on the worst area on my shin, the hard crust covering that area softened, the redness started to dissipate, and it actually felt like my leg again.  

Since I have been suffering with this since late September, early October, without knowing what the heck was going on, I cannot begin to express my gratitude...I am forever in her debt for her dead on analysis of my situation.


  -  S. Griffin

B. DERM-6.png

Very informative and nice

  -  J. Wilcher

My skin has drastically improved. Ever since I started working with B, I get compliments on my face all the time. She really understands that what ever is going on internally often times expresses itself externally and really stresses diet and overall wellness.

- Anonymous

I'm very happy with the face and skin care that I received by Bynisha. There was a real before and after. My skin is beautiful and soft as a baby's bottom and I was also educated on caring for my skin to keep it beautiful. Loved the experience and plan to return.


-  F. Corbin

Bynisha is amazing!! When I left, my skin was so soft and renewed. The environment was extremely relaxing and B was extremely informative. And she gave me a complimentary cup of her specialty tea - best service ever! Already booked my next appointment

  - Anonymous

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