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Holistic Skincare 101, 4 CEs

Be the Esthetician that can thrive in any setting, take your basic knowledge of the skin to the next level and set yourself apart

This course will expands the treatment perspective as an esthetic skincare professional. Introducing the skin in a manner that allows you the practitioner to provide cosmetic treatment for skin conditions while informing your client of the health of their skin.

Course Curriculum

Medical Terminology

- Overview and Dissection of terms

   - Exploring Medical Terms Used in the Clinic

   - Understanding Skin Conditions through Medical Terms

   -Building A Bank of Medical Terms

Skin Anatomy & Physiology 

   -Dissecting Skin 

   - The Digestive Tract : The Frontline of the Skin Internally

Introduction to Imbalanced Skin Disorders

Course Exam

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