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* Can be taken as an esthetic student. || ** Must be a licensed esthetician to our courses

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Mastering Treatment Planning

Develop your skills in 

Reading & Interpreting Skin Responses and Learning How to Create the Ideal Homecare Routine For Your Clients.


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Holistic Skincare 101

Learn how to 

Address the the sublevels of the skin while providing cosmetic treatment without compromising your licensure


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Common Skin Conditions

Become Advanced in 

Identifying conditions to properly respond to associated sign & symptoms.  Become an expert in intrerpreting and treating skin expressions



Essential Treatment

Services for the Soloprenuer

Learn the importance In Acquiring

The Following Affordable Treatments to Implement In Your Business that Covers and Effectively Treat An Array of Conditions.  



States Approved

Maine | New Hampshire | Rhode Island | Conneticut | New Jersey | Delaware | Tennesee | West Virgina | Michigan | Indiana | Kentucky

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