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* Can be taken as an esthetic student but online theory MUST be taken and passed. || ** Must be a licensed esthetician to take this class

Chemical Peel:  Learning the Fundamentals to Peel Applications
(theory 2.0 CEUs, with *training 2.5 CEUs)

Enhancing Your Treatment: Microdermabrasion
(theory 1.5 CEUs, with * training 3.0 CEUs)

Micro-needling as an Esthetic Professional
(theory 2.0 CEUs, with **training 3.5 CEUs)

**Holistic Skincare 10
1 Course, multi-day course (3.0 CEUs) 

Improving Clients Hyperpigmentation: Understanding Melanogenesis (1 CEU)

Treating Oily Skin: Understanding the Root Cause of Excessive Sebum Production (1 CEU)


States Approved

Maine | New Hampshire | Rhode Island | Conneticut | New Jersey | Delaware | Tennesee | West Virgina | Michigan | Indiana | Kentucky

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