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GOAL: Encourage and maintain clear vessels for optimal flow

Cardiovascular System

The heart is the traffic control center of the body and the vessels are the highways and byways directing the flow of our blood cells.  Our vessels our connected to every organ of the body feeding and nourishing are tissue with the foods we eat.   Just like any road if you do not keep up with the clean-up and maintenance, they will eventually become unusable, causing re-route and wearing down of other routes (vessels).  Now imagine you have multiple vessels (roads) blocked off, this can bring about a lack of nourishment and other major problems.  What you eat is how we treat the skin internally.

HEART <--> SKIN: Provides nutrients for optimal cell health.  Poor circulation, dull/wan looking skin, loss of collagen & elasticity, varicose veins


blueberries                  cherries                  peaches

cranberries                  pears                       tomatoes

plums                           raspberries             watermelon

strawberries                bananas                  cantaloupe

almonds                       apples                    melon

bell peppers                celery                      turnip greens

chili peppers               grapefruit               sweet potatoes

lemons                         lettuce                    onion

oranges                        parsley                    quinoa

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