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Bynisha Myers is a holistic practitioner and educator in nutrition and skincare.  Her goal is to provide care that offers more well-rounded coverage for clients.  She uses her clinical background in radiology technology to add to the care of her clients and get to the root of the systemic disorder.  She has successfully treated, helping numerous of individuals with SIBO, SIFO, IBS/IBD, menorrhagia, PMS, hormonal acne, GERD, atopic dermatitis-eczema, fibroids, and PCOS by assisting with addressing and managing conditions/disorders associated with digestive and hormonal disruption.  She has 15 years of experience in healthcare and over a decade in skincare.   Bynisha  hones in on educating individuals on the importance of being proactive with preventative practices to effectively addresses disorders which involve other bodily systems.  She is also dedicated to modernizing skincare with a holistic approach to bring about results that addresses both the look and health of the skin . 

With Bynisha's holistic method, her client's coverage of intervention involves other professional connections such naturopathic doctors, mental health coaches, counselors, and hair loss specialists.   As a licensed and certified esthetician and holistic nutritionist, she advocates for educating yourself for self- awareness, empowerment, and support for a better quality of life.    

She loves exploring out of her comfort zone to learn more about life, traveling, educating people on the impact of nutritional behavioral practices, and is a studier of herbs.  



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