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*Be sure to read instructions below*

This customizable herbs selection will be pivotal in addressing your specific needs.


Here's how to create your very own collection of herbs to suit your personalized needs.

  1. Select the herb and quantity that you desire
  2. Add to cart
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, for each herb desired
  4. Once finished selections, add a note to let us know if you would like them combined or to be packaged individually.
  5. That's all! Just wait for all of your custom herbs to arrive fresh and ready for your enjoyment!


Description Organ Support by Herb

  • ANISE - Provides GI relief
  • ASHWAGANDHA ROOT - Balancing & Calming Adaptogen, Nourishes and stregnthens nervous-adrenal-thyroid-immune function & decreases inflammation
  • ASTRAGALUS ROOT - Nutritive, Immune modulator
  • BURDOCK ROOT - GI enhance digestion, Support gut flora
  • BLADDERWRACK - Reduce risk of hypothyroidism, (Contains sodium alginate) - Binds to heavy metals for detoxification Contraindication:  Iodine and Sodium
  • CALENDULA FLOWERS - Upper & Lower GI healing Inflammation and Damage
  • CHAMOMILE - GI relief
  • CHICORY ROOT (ROASTED) - Support Gut Flora
  • CHAGA - Anti-oxidant, antimicrobial, Immune Defense
  • CINNAMON STICKS - Aids GI, antimicrobial
  • DANDELION ROOT - GI enhance digestion
  • FENNEL - GI relief *pregnancy safe, support gut flora
  • GINGER - GI enzymes, GI relief, anti-inflammatory, Support Gut Flora boosts detoxifiction, improves insulin sensitivity, increases circulation, fights respiratory infection *pregnancy safe
  • HOLY BASIL - Calming & Balancing adaptogen, GI relief
  • HORSETAIL - Nutritious, Silica
  • HIBISCUS - Rich antioxidant, supports heart health
  • LICORICE ROOT - Upper & Lower GI healing Inflammation and Damage, Adrenals
  • NETTLE - Lungs, Kidneys (urinary function, mild diuretic, Reproductive
  • OATSTRAW - Nutritive, gentle, soothing, *pregnancy safe
  • RASPBERRY LEAF - Reproductive, *pregnancy safe
  • ROSEHIPS - Most concentrated source of Vitamin C
  • RED CLOVER - Reproductive
  • REISHI - Calming & Balancing adaptogen
  • SCHISANDRA - Helps with fatigue, Balancing & Calming adaptogen, GI enhance digestion
  • ST. JOHN'S WORT - Helps promote a healthy mood & emotional balance, Upper & Lower GI healing Inflammation and Damage
  • TURMERIC - Anti-inflammatory, supports healthy joints, GI enhance digestion
  • YELLOW DOCK - GI enhance digestion, mild laxative-promote healthy elimination



Customizable Herbal Tea Mixture

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