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March ETHICS: On the Road to Basics

Get Back to the Basics... Everybody is looking for the next BIG invention/product to "make" their skin look its best, when its been here all along. You focus should actually be on, is your skin at is healthiest? Your skin's appearance will be predicated upon your answer to that question. Your skin's appearance is affected by internal and external influences, about 90% is internal and approximately 10% is external, however each are very important to reaching your optimal skin health and appearance.

BALANCE yourself-become more in tune with your body to give it what it is lacking, WELLNESS. Your skin is an organ,in fact, its the largest organ of your body~ make sure it maintains homeostasis.

Suggestions on achieving this goal:

Focus on maintaining peace & relaxation

Feed your body LIVE (uncooked) food (i.e produce, herbs, legumes): foods in this form has the highest level of nutrients for your body's consumption ~ YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!!

Last but not least make sure you are using products that protects your skin, especially the areas that are always exposed.

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