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Now or Later?

Our hard earned money is going to be spent one way or the other; that is beyond our control. However, we can choose how we spend our money. One day I was posed the question, would you rather pay hospital bills; for not choosing to live a healthy lifestyle (not eating the right foods that promote health) or, would you rather pay a couple of dollars extra for organic produce? Considering my choice of lifestyle,that was a "no-brainer"; for me.

Sometimes there were moments, my food wasn't organic. In these cases, I chose to use methods to counteract the pesticides and preservatives used on the foods, like soaking the produce in vinegar. I do what works for me, to keep me out of the hospital! So I will ask you which would you rather pay for?

Medicinal Herbs

Think about other methods of healing. I have noticed that a lot of people are taking medicine for symptoms instead of targeting, treating and ultimately working towards healing the the actual problem; which is causing those symptoms. Consequently, living a life with disease. Challenge yourself to start learning more about herbs. All medication mimics some type of plant life, with medicinal properties. If you open yourself towards going this route just think about all the side effects you will be saving yourself from and money to treat the symptoms.

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