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The Naked Truth on The Future of Dermatology

Is it just me or have you noticed that there are more cases of people suffering from inflamed skin issues? Perhaps, by being a skincare provider, I have an eye for these things. However, everywhere I turn, there lies someone dealing with problems like melasma, eczema, hormonal acne (and they are of all ages); I mean, the list goes on.  According to AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) 84.5 million people- 1 out of every 4 Americans has a skin disorder. So let’s unpack and uncover why this is.

When we consider the literal meaning of dermatology, it means, ‘the study of skin. This scientifically involves the epidermis (epi-above), (dermis-skin) dermis and subdermal (sub-under) layers. Most people are fundamentally familiar with the epidermis and the dermis; however, anything beyond that often gets overlooked.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that we’re unable to visibly observe the state of this layer when treated. At best, this layer would typically be addressed with antibiotics and steroids to pacify symptoms that express themselves visibly in the epidermis.  When you think about it, this method of treatment is like that masterful magician with a well-executed magic trick- taking your focus away from what is really going on.  However, now clients are catching on and this performance is getting a little old.  It is becoming evident that it’s not what it is ‘cracked up to be’. This is because in the long run, after the conclusion of medicinal treatment an individual is experiencing either a reemergence of say skin issue or they are having a new issue to arise, stemming from the medication.  Along with lifestyle practices and genetics, the subdermal layer is the lifeline to the way we age and how our skin responds to stressors.    But the unfortunate reality is, although the industry continues to see an incline with consumer financial investments by way of  retail, cosmetic treatments, and medication, we are not seeing a decline in these skin cases.

So how do we begin to change these numbers, WITH A HOLISTIC APPROACH. The shift is already beginning to take place, holistic skincare will be the modern approach to skin in the coming years. While the current idea of dermatology practices are hyper focused on anti-aging treatments that alter the appearance (i.e., injectables, chemical peels, dermabrasion, microneedling, radiofrequency), clients are becoming more educated and are taking more of an interest in other methods.  Approaches that improve the health of the skin, are less invasive, just as effective, and provide more benefits.  The advancement of clients’ knowledge is pushing providers to level up and do the same. 

The traditional way of skincare which is treating conditions of every skin issue is no longer good enough because people are seeking more.  And in the very near future, the dermatology industry  will be divided amongst the esthetic skin providers- who treating skin conditions within epidermal and dermal layers with devices while holistic skin providers perform cosmetic treatments and are skilled in addressing the subdermal layer and beyond to target the root of skin disorders located; and that’s the naked truth…

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