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Skin Ethics: THE PEEL PHENOMENON The Increase in the Wave of PEELS...

You know the saying, "Beauty is pain...", but is it really worth it? Peels have always been a popular because of the outcome of smoother skin and lightened dark-spots... THEORETICALLY. However, there are requirements before using a peel and if you don't meet those requirements you can end up compromising your skin's protective layer and essentially, worsening your skin's condition. You've also heard, "Everything ain't for everybody....", this is so true, ~ if you are dealing with active acneic skin or even dry skin, then this is not the time for you to try using a peel. Why? A peel (chemical) is meant to break down and remove the top layer of skin. Consequently, damaging the outer layer and exposing the the underlining layer, which becomes your new protective outer layer. The higher the peel concentration, the drier your skin will be after the peel. Hence why it is not safe to use on dry, dehydrated skin. If you want to the best results with a peel it is important for your skin to be in a healthy state, meaning, the skin must be hydrated. If you can't tell if your skin has a good level of hydration then schedule a skin analysis appointment to consult with an aesthetician. Lastly, circling back around to the thought of beauty being 'pain'- that pain is not just a physical one it may also include an emotional aspect as well. And remember you must endure the pain before reaching that beautiful outcome you desire.

Here is an image, showing results immediately (~1-2 days) after receiving a peel. This is not everyone's immediate outcome but this is what it can look like before getting to that beautiful, better looking skin you desire. Later this week, on Skinesthics (@skinesthics) I will post a safer alternative for exfoliating treatment, that will help you reach the same results, without so much risk. Leave the peels to the professionals!

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