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Walking Plants

When it comes to the importance of how one takes care of oneself , including what we ingest; envision yourself as a plant. Like plants we need water and sunlight to flourish and blossom-there must be a balance. If we slack on our water intake and other nutrients we become more susceptible to the harshness of the environment. Subsequently, feeling drowsy, sluggish, possible headaches, complexion looking wan-like, just to list a few. These are similar characteristics of a deprived plant, if it wasn't being fed and just existing out in various climates. Like plants we interact with our environment, as a matter of fact our source of oxygen comes from plants- hence why the air seems cleaner in non urban areas. We are very fragile plants and what we do, to take care of our health, depends on what you do from day to day and the appearance of your skin will be your "litmus test".

picture by Pin Stained Glass Mosaic, Colorfulgirlcom

Uphill Battle: Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a tough condition to lasso and control. Typically you are lacking in oil production and/or hydration. Not only are you combating with genetics but also environmental changes that perpetuate the state of dry skin. Know that when your skin is dry its ability to defend itself has been compromised, how compromised is based upon the severity of your dryness. Therefore you are more susceptible to skin irritants because your barrier function is low. Those with oily skin can have dry skin as well. There is a misconception that oily skin and moisturized skin are interchangeable. No, it is not! WATER must be present for skin to be hydrated and moisturized. If it is not present then there is nothing being retained and sealed in to reach and maintain a beneficial level of water retention. Invest in a hydrating toner or a mist to aid in increasing your skin's hydration level. With dry skin look for creams to give you extra protection from the environment. Throughout the day, if you need to mist your face, keep a travel size facial mist with you. My personal favorite is Evian, believe me when I tell you with consistency and routine you will see you appearance improve.

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