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SKIN is too IMPORTANT to Ignore

We tend to overlook the health of our skin because it has been indoctrinated as a 'cosmetic privilege'; something optional to pay attention to. People have accepted the idea of skin care playing a separate role from holistic wellness. The only time an individual typically goes to a skin care specialist is if it is a major health concern (i.e. tumors, psoriasis, acute eczema, etc.) Skin care has become isolated to the realm of beauty, more so, an age of quick fixes and cover-ups; ultimately putting on a mask to hide what is, and never fixing the relative problem. Therefore, there are a lot of individuals walking around overly critical of themselves and uncomfortable with their appearance unless they our contoured, bronzed, and/or highlighted.

I am here to emphasize, the importance of skin health. As well as, point out the direct correlation to the condition of your internal systems, based upon your self care. Again, it is proportionally related to what is going on in and outside of your body. If you take care of yourself- it shows, if you don't take the proper precautions to protect yourself from internal/external foreign bodies and other invaders- it will show! This is the year of knowing and I urge people to become educated about the importance of skin care. There is a skin principle I like to live by, you are what you eat- feed your skin! Once the cells surface to the outer layer, it's not much you can do, at that point it is in a phase of 'shedding'. In the image, to the right, is an illustration of a face map, demonstrating which organ is associated to what aspect of the face. Essentially, depicting the connection between all of the body's organs; the skin (integumentary system) being the largest.

If there is a chemical imbalance, due to triggers like stress and dieting, the body will communicate with your skin; manifesting various signs and skin concerns. Take this time to schedule a consult with a skin care specialist to establish a baseline toward optimal skin health.

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