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Skinesthics: Razor Bump GONE

Today I am talking to all, whose method of hair removal is shaving. How many times have you tabled the conversation of shaving areas of your body; aside from the crown of your head. It triggers anxiety every time, because we know its an 'necessity' but we fight with the thought of possible ingrown hairs. If you don't know the proper way, you are taking a gamble every time! You gamble with the increased probability of razor bumps (psuedofolliculitis barbae), ingrown hairs, inflammation, and furthermore infection. Here are some suggestions that will reduce your chances to unwanted outcomes due to improper shaving.

straight razor (single blade)

Wherever you shave, whether its your face or your lady parts-first things first, identify the direction in which your hair grows. Its best to shave with the pattern of your hair growth, when you don't, you are more prone to splitting the hair follicle; increasing your chances of ingrowns. Secondly, prep the area you're shaving, soften the skin and enlarge your pores. The best way to achieve this is in a steamy shower or with a warm towel. Now, lets get to the actual shaving process- use a product that creates a barrier between your skin and the blade, developing a smooth, slick glide with each stroke. If you have curly to coarse (tightly coiled) hair, you are more susceptible to hair bumps/ingrowns. Therefore, it is better to use a single bladed instrument instead of a multi-blade razor because it cuts the hair follicle parallel to the skin surface. After shaving is complete, it is important to implement preventive care. Apply an antibacterial, soothing oil for the freshly stimulated shaven skin (ie. tea tree and "chilled" green tea to sooth and seal the pores). Next MOISTURIZE, use a oil-free hydrating moisturizer after shaving because you want to protect without increasing your chance to clogging your pores. Lastly, implement EXFOLIATING 2-3x/wk. to maintain a clear pathway for your hair follicle to grow.

Execute these practices and you will be on your way to a conquering the fight. If you have further questions call to schedule a cosultation at B Derm Esthetics.

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