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The Problem Is: You've Given Away Your Control

Who has control over your trust?

Lately there's been a lot of talk on the topic of getting a trust, as well as using that trust as your banking system to increase financial wealth and bring financial security to you, your family and generations to come. I love this concept, because it speaks to the scripture, " A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children..." However, when we think of wealth, we limit the term to a noun, as supposed to a verb. The Hebrew meaning of the word, 'wealth' (pronounced: raw-baw') is to increase (in whatever respect), to {continue}, {enlarge), {excel} and exceedingly be full {of}. Let's pin this for a second and revisit, what is a trust? A trust is a relationship in which one party, known as the trustor (property/asset owner), gives another party, the trustee, the right to hold title to property or assets for the benefit of a third party, the beneficiary. So, let’s apply this concept of a 'trust' being our bodies- the property/asset and 'wealth' being the state of our health. Quite frequently, I have observed individuals switch roles-relinquishing dictated control of the 'trustor' role to their doctors while they blissfully embrace the role of 'trustee'. The issue with this is the doctor has all the perks that come with this position with no mandated responsibility. Many individuals have dubbed their doctors trustor over their body, and they have no skin in the game. They have been given control, largely due to their title; having very little to do with their individual skill. Did you know the origin of word doctor means teacher?! If I'm not mistaken as teachers, isn't the service provider’s role to act in the best interest of the trust? But would be indicative of that service provider's skill. If the role of a trustee was the service provider, the potential of your trust would immediately shift because now their value is based on how skilled they are in performing the services they are rendered for. It's interesting that we carry out this dynamic other service providers regarding our cars, houses, and hair stylists but somehow physicians became an exception to the rule. Consequently, the state of many of our trusts demonstrates a wealth of diseases, ailments, and medications. Furthermore, due to how uninformed we are with the operations and dealings of our trust this is the unfortunate wealth we are leaving to our beneficiaries.

So what do we need to do to increase the value of our trust?

1.     Make sound investments

Sound investments are educated investments, it's not a guessing game. Every investment choice they make either increases or decreases the wealth of the trust. The one who makes the best decisions makes the best investments for their trust (body).

2. Maintaining control as the trustor 

A good trustor is a prepared trustor. Already have a game plan, an idea of what you want to get from your visit. This means you must go already have done some form of research. LEARN YOUR BODY PEOPLE! Furthermore, be clear of what you want to communicate in your 15-20 min visit before arrival.

3. Choosing a qualified trustee

You're going to have multiple trustees (service providers) make sure their skill and abilities qualify them for the position you’re paying them for. A good trustee knows that they are there to serve you. They are there to educate you to help you come to the best decision, not make it for you. Remember we have beneficiaries, and our goal is to have an abundance of practices that will sustain and secure our children's children, so we are striving for long-term plays NOT short-term plays. This means we are not just getting acute care we are also being educated and receiving preventative care as well.

Regain total control over your trust. Start by implementing practice (1), click the button below and choose the virtual event that best suits your needs. So that you can better position yourself to execute the other two steps

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